Past Students of the Day

The following pictures are of students who have earned the award of being student of the day.  At Tryon Elementary School, this is an honorable award to receive.

Brandon Lloyd, March 4, 2014
Student of the day
Achievement of Academic Excellence

Reyes Rivera, March 5, 2014
Student of the Day
Achievement of Academic Improvement

Jessica Lawson, March 10, 2014
Student of the Day
Jessica received this award because she is always kind, friendly, and dependable.

Olivia Overholt and Jeanine Jackson, March 11, 2014
Olivia and Jeanine received this award because they are always kind to everyone, and always willing to help out!

March 14, 2014, Ty Jackson
Academic Achievement!

March 14, 2014, Susanna Ashworth
Susanna always does the right thing, and she is a great friend to everyone!

Students of the day! March 18, 2014
(From top left to top right):  Stephanie Guzman and Jacob Searcy
(From bottom left to bottom right):  Brandon Troyer and Jamilett Ramirez

Stephanie Guzman:  Academic achievement and good citizenship.

Jamilett Ramirez:  Academic achievement and being a good classroom helper.

Jacob Searcy:  Academic achievement (his entire class is very proud of him!) 

Brandon Troyer:  Always being kind and considerate! 

Congratulations to both Alyssa and Tristan!  They are always kind and help others around them!
Students of the Day:  March 19, 2014

Students of the day!  March 20, 2014
(From left to right):  Messiah Miller, Andrew Demeyere, and Shy'Quan Wingo

Messiah Miller:  He is always very kind and considerate to others.

Andrew Demeyere and Shy'Quan Wingo:  Both of these students are always good sports when interacting with other students at Tryon Elementary School. 

Students of the Day:  March 21, 2014
Brittany Hall and Jayden Bishop:  These two wonderful girls have been given this award because of their great school spirit that they always display!  Good job, Brittany and Jayden!

Student of the Day, March 25, 2014:  Landon Rhodes!
Genuinely nice, one who respects both fellow students and teachers, as well as always being positive in any situation, Landon Rhodes is the true definition of the "student of the day."  Excellent job, Landon!

Students of the Day for March 26, 2014:  Jose Bautista and his sister, Vanessa Bautista.
These two students have a special brother-sister relationship.  Jose is a model student here at Tryon Elementary who is always kind to others, has a smile on his face 100 percent of the time, and takes care of his sister, Vanessa!

Student of the Day:  Zane Williams, March 27, 2014
Calmness in a crisis:  Just recently, Zane severely hurt his ankle very badly, however, he acted so calm through the entire process!

Student of the Day:  Dillon Barnes, March 28, 2014
Dillon was awarded the honors of being the student of the day because he is such a good sport to all his classmates!

Student of the Day:  Alex Perry, March 28, 2014
Alex was also awarded the honor of being the student of the day because he has improved so much in his reading!  Great job, Alex!

Student of the Day:  Cole Pereira, April 1, 2014
Cole received this award because of his great sense of humor that he displays each day in class!

Student of the Day:  Brianna Gray, April 2, 2014
Brianna received this award because she is always very kind and considerate to both her teacher and classmates. 
Great Job, Brianna!

Student of the Day
April 9, 2014:  Madison Jackson
Madison was given this award because she is very kind and thoughtful to both her classmates and teachers!  Great Job, Madison!

Student of the Day
April 10, 2014:  Te'Sun Miller
Te'Sun was given this award for having good manners and being such a gentleman to those around him!

Student of the Day
April 11, 2014:  Christian Chavez-Gonzalez
Christian was given this award for being supportive and empathetic towards his fellow classmates.  Excellent job, Christian!

Student of the Day: April 25, 2014
Calista Cline and Wesley Royster

When presented with a bad situation, both of this students handled it with dignity and grace.  Excellent job to the both of you!

May 2, 2014
Student of the Day:  Natalie Ferguson

Natalie was given this award because she was so generous this week by donating money to a cancer fundraiser for school!  Great job, Natalie!

Student of the Day
May 13, 2014
Carmen O'Sullivan

Great job, Carmen

Student of the Day
May 26, 2014
Bryson Jones

Student of the Day
May 26, 2014
Jacob Williams

May 27, 2014
Students of the day:
(From left to right): Rudy Gray, Austin Mace, Brianna Gray, Taylor Clark, Jasmine Roman, and Logan Nodine.