A Special Relationship Between a Brother and Sister

Tryon Elementary School is a unique environment which fosters the care and supervision of a wide array of individuals whom come from differing backgrounds.  With that being said, it is what makes Tryon Elementary School thrive not only as an academic environment, but one that teaches its students morals, values, good character, and how to live peacefully in a “melting pot” society.

Among the student body at Tryon Elementary School, there are many students that display the above characteristics in exceptional and special ways.  One of those students is Jose Bautista.  Always present with a smile and a warm welcome, willing to help both fellow students and teachers in need, Jose is a genuinely kind, caring, and positive student that makes Tryon Elementary School succeed and continue to blossom as a public school. 

Jose also fulfills an immeasurable task each and every day by providing undivided attention and care to his special needs sister, Vanessa.  Also a student at Tryon Elementary, Vanessa is under the nurturing provision of Christina Lynn, Meredith Durham, and Heather O’Connor, all of whom are part of the Exceptional Children Department.  Each day Jose has many responsibilities that require him to meet the needs of Vanessa.

While in an interview, Jose stated that, “Sometimes it can be hard work taking care of my sister, but I love her very much and it is fulfilling to me that I can make her smile and be happy.”  A normal routine for Jose each day consists of waking up extra early so that he will already be up once Vanessa awakes, and providing care to her whenever Jose’s parents are at work. This includes feeding Vanessa and connecting with her in a significant way.  

One of Vanessa’s favorite activities to do with her brother Jose is to jump on the trampoline.  While jumping on the trampoline, Jose stated that he will clap with Vanessa, which gets her extremely excited and happy.  In addition to jumping on the trampoline together, Vanessa also enjoys playing with Jose’s puppy named Snoopy.  “Almost every day I will take my sister to see my puppy, Snoopy, and she will get very excited and begin to clap with Snoopy,” Jose states. 

Recently, I ran across a quote by an unknown author that made a great deal of sense to me.  The quote read, “No one is perfect and everyone is different, but everyone is beautiful in their own way and that’s what makes us special.”  As we step back and take a look at the world as a whole, it is obvious that diversity surrounds us in the most impeccable way.  Tryon Elementary School is nothing more than a sample size of the world at large:  it is a place where diversity is embraced by all, and the unique characteristics represented by each individual are what make it thrive and prosper as a whole.