Jackie Davis (EC) and Laura Freck
    Merri Ross and Brenda Turner
    Jessica Roush and Lisa Brown
    Christen Smith
    Emily Tomblin and Heather O'Conner

    Caroline Smith and Jamie Weathers
    Lucy Lewis and Lisa Pack

1st Grade
    Kimberly Granville and Kaye Hall
    Wendi Owens and Rhonda Brown
    Shea White and Debbie Bailey

2nd Grade
    Debbie Constance
    Connie Edwards
    Annette Ireland

3rd Grade
    Libby Justice
    Jennifer Schweitzer

4th Grade
    Karen Prady
    Jennifer Edwards
    Angie Upton
    Pam Vining

5th Grade
    Parker Mullinax
    Krista Crosby

    Todd Murphy
    Yvonne Bruce
    Debbie Covil
Guidance Counselor
    Tamara Black

Exceptional Ed. Teachers
     Sharon Johnston    
    Sarah Reid and Mandy Wolfe

    Kelly Dailey

Title One
    Kim McCool
    Wanda Jackson

    Woody Cowan - Music
    Clara Rogers - Art
    Ty Stott - PE
    Jamie Kilgore - Library
    Brandon Moore - Computer Lab
    Erin Aldrich
    Jerry Cox
    Gerald Cunningham
    Kyle Greene

Bus Drivers
    Kathy Ashley    
    Jerry Cox
    Gerald Cunningham
    Margie Case
    Brandon Moore
    Jim Muldering